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Now Available for Pre-Order: My Best Body – Home Training Program

My Best Body – Home Training Program is now available for worldwide pre-order for $89.99 USD! 


  1. Save $10 and secure your copy of the My Best Body – Home Training Program for $89.99 USD
  2. Skip the craziness of launch date (who remembers the #MBBcrash of Dec. 5, 2016?) and receive your download links via email on Oct. 30


  1. Visit the product listing in my shop.
  2. Add the product to your cart and check out through PayPal. You will be charged upfront and will receive your downloads via email on Oct. 30 when the program launches.

Please note: PayPal securely processes all payments, but you do not have to purchase using a PayPal account! Credit and debit cards work, too. 


I got you covered. Try out a 3-week free trial of My Best Body – Home here. 

With so many options out there these days, I completely understand hesitation, but I can also promise you that I am 100% confident you will find this program effective, challenging AND fun, no matter where you train or where you’re starting from!

I like to take my time with the creation and development of my programs (I started this program back in December 2016!). Why? Because quality and safety are of utmost importance to me. 

My #1 goal is to help you reach your goals, even from the other side of the world. Compared to similar 3-month programs, I believe I provide:

  • An exceptional amount of value.
  • A truly effective and safe workout progression that is going to empower and energize you.
  • A lot of helpful info that will set you up for longterm success!

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My Best Body – Home: Pre-Order, Launch Date & More

Friends – I’m so overwhelmed by all of the amazing feedback and excitement from you all on the MBB Home Trial and have some news to share!


  • Learn how to lift weights safely at home or in the gym
  • Build muscle and burn fat effectively using minimal equipment
  • Strengthen your core, the foundation for everyday functional movements
  • Improve your cardiovascular conditioning through a progressive (and fun!) cardio schedule
  • Enhance your mobility and flexibility through a weekly focus on stretching and foam rolling

… then you are going to love My Best Body – Home!

My Best Body – Home Training Program will be available for purchase worldwide on Monday, Oct 30 through my shop. The program will cost a one-time payment of $99.99 USD starting Oct. 30.


As a thank you, I’m opening a pre-order opportunity with exclusive savings on the 13-week My Best Body – Home Training Program starting Sept. 27.


  1. Save $10 and secure your copy of the My Best Body – Home Training Program for $89.99 USD
  2. Skip the craziness of launch date (who remembers the #MBBcrash of Dec. 5, 2016?) and receive your download links via email

UPDATE: You will be charged when you pre-order.


Those who have purchased the My Best Body Training Program (gym) know the great depth of information and resources I pack into my guides – these lists barely skim the surface.

I put a ton of thought into my pricing. My goal is to share my workouts and personal training knowledge with as many people as possible, and in a way that allows you to keep what you purchase for future reference (i.e. eBook PDF). 

Think about this:

  • The average cost of a personal training session = $50/session
  • The average gym membership = $40/month
  • The average cost of a fitness app subscription = $20/month

For a one-time payment of $89.99 USD (until Oct. 30), you receive lifetime access to:


  • 13 weeks of fun, safe and effective workouts that deliver proven results
  • Instructional photos demonstrating each exercise
  • Helpful overviews of each of the three program phases (Stabilization & Base Training, Strength Training, and Power Training) to help you get the most out of every workout
  • Weekly #mybrandofbeautiful pep talks from me – because fitness is about being strong on the inside, too!
  • Tips and tricks to improve your form and avoid injury
  • Weekly workout calendars to help you plan ahead and stay on track
  • Beginner and advanced options for many exercises/workouts – making this the perfect program for you, no matter where you’re starting!


  • Full-Body Rehabilitation Sequence to follow on rest day and to use throughout the week as you wish as well as an overview on the benefits of stretching and foam rolling 
  • MBB Athlete Personal Record worksheet to help you keep track of your assessments and challenges
  • Warm-up guidance, including a list of dynamic stretches to work into your warm-up routine 
  • A chapter dedicated to form for common exercises like push-ups, hip hinges and bracing/hollow body
  • Heart rate & heart rate monitoring information, as well as what to expect when using a fitness tracker during My Best Body – Home 
  • Term glossary to help you understand common exercise terminology 
  • Exercise library providing step-by-step text instructions for each exercise in the program 

So, you get the picture … this is a GREAT deal. 

*Note that these are subject to change; HOWEVER, NOTHING LISTED ABOVE WILL BE CUT! I might just decide to add more. 🙂 


You will need a small amount of equipment to complete My Best Body – Home. In many cases, the weight options are interchangeable (e.g. You can do a skullcrusher with a barbell or dumbbells). 

When an exercise is described as “weighted,” feel free to choose whichever option you’d like. If a word in an exercise name is in parentheses, like “(banded),” it is optional. 

  • Dumbbells*: I recommend having a few sets to choose from, because the weight you lift varies from exercise to exercise.
  • Exercise mat
  • Exercise/stability ball: You should be able to sit on the ball with feet flat on the floor and knees comfortably making 90-degree angles.
  • Mini resistance bands: At least two – one with light resistance and one with heavy resistance.
  • Sturdy box, workout bench or jump box
  • Barbell*: I highly recommend investing in an adjustable barbell. In many cases, you can substitute dumbbells for a barbell, but there are some instances in which a barbell will be preferable. 
  • Kettlebell*
  • Jump rope
  • Interval timer: I use the free GymBoss interval timer app. 

*”Weighted” alternative


Try out a 3-week free trial of My Best Body – Home here.

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Relaunch: My Best Body Training Program & My Best Body Macro-Counting Guide

Round two (fingers crossed I don’t crash again!): The My Best Body Training Program and the My Best Body Macro-Counting Guide are available again for purchase in my shop!

Thank you all for your patience while I worked through a website crash yesterday. I never anticipated a website traffic issue, but I guess it’s a good problem to have! #MBBAthletes broke the internet yesterday. That is a good sign, I think. 😉

I’ll keep this short and sweet:

  • Full details on both eBooks are available here
  • Most questions will be answered on the product pages (pricing, type of program, before-and-afters, etc.). However, if you have a question that is not answered there, please leave it below, and I will get back to you!
  • You can pay with a credit/debit card or a PayPal account. ALL transactions will take place on the secure PayPal website regardless of method. Select “Proceed to PayPal” to complete your transaction.
  • Note that you will have a max of three download opportunities per purchase, so be sure to save your downloads.
  • Refunds are not available (because once you make the purchase, you have the product).
  • If you have trouble with your purchase, please send me an email at I am my customer service team (“Hello and thank you for calling Corporate Sneakers” … haha) so I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can, but please be patient with me!
  • For those who made purchases during the #MBBcrash, received download errors and cannot access your purchases, I am working feverishly on your orders and will get them in your hands soon! Thank you so much for your patience!! You must notify me if you had this issue by doing the following:

The last 24 hours have been a complete whirlwind for me. Thank you to all who sent me supportive comments and messages as I worked through a very frustrating website crash. I am a team of one, and I had many tough moments yesterday, but you helped me power through and stay positive. I can’t express how much your patience and understanding means to me!

I know I would not have been able to make it this far without you all cheering me on this last year as I developed this program. Thank you to all who have supported me and rooted me on this year! I love you all!

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My Best Body Training Program & Macro-Counting Guide – On Sale Dec. 5

My Best Body Training Program – 2 eBooks:

The training diversity in My Best Body teaches you how to train for different goals and how to cycle your training in order to avoid injury and break through progress plateaus. It is a guide designed to arm you with the knowledge to grow and succeed beyond week 13!


1. My Best Body Training Program

  • 13 weeks of unique, gym-based workouts that deliver proven results*
  • Instructional photos demonstrating each exercise
  • 4-5 workouts a week (45-60 min. each)
  • Suggested warm-ups with every workout
  • Detailed guidance for each style of training
  • Social media integration through 13 weeks of #mybrandofbeautiful pep talks from me with post prompts to get you thinking about your journey and help set you up for long-term success
  • An extensive section on heart rate and heart rate monitors
  • Alternatives/progressions/regressions for many exercises
  • And much more!

2. BONUS My Best Body Resource Guide

  • Printable daily workout trackers
  • Complete text exercise library**

My Best Body Macro-Counting Guide – 1 eBook:

The My Best Body Macro-Counting Guide takes the guesswork out of counting macros and provides you with a structured and personalized plan for your unique body in conjunction with each phase of My Best Body.

This eBook is NOT a meal plan – it is a guide designed to help you eat to build muscle, maintain your body composition and shed fat. Macro counting is not required to see results.


  • One PDF of the My Best Body Macro-Counting Guide that delivers proven results*
  • A “101,” basic overview of the three macronutrients
  • Examples of foods that fall into each macronutrient category
  • Detailed information about your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)
  • An overview of the traditional muscle-building approach to nutrition used in conjunction with My Best Body: Bulk, Maintain and Cut.
  • Tips for stocking your kitchen, meal prepping, meal spacing/timing and integrating travel, alcohol and dining out into a balanced, healthy lifestyle


Over the last six months, the My Best Body Training Program has evolved from a simple fitness program into a transformational experience for both the body and mind. It has become so much more than I could have ever hoped, and I know you will benefit from this program as much as my trial participants have on the inside AND out.

From the beginning, my priorities have remained the same:

  1. To make a fun, challenging, effective AND accessible gym-based program
  2. To create a quality experience that gives you the tools to train for a variety of different goals – not just strength endurance, hypertrophy or fat loss 

As a massive THANK YOU! for all the love this past year as I brought this program to life, the My Best Body Training Program is just $50 from 12/5/16 –  1/15/17, when it will bump to regular pricing of $60.

The My Best Body Macro-Counting Guide is just $15 from 12/5/16 – 1/15/17, when it will return to regular pricing of $20.

NOTE: I am working on a discounted bundled package. If this becomes an option, it will be announced on 12/5.

I put a lot of thought into my pricing and believe these prices are very fair for what all you receive – the tools and knowledge to train and eat for your goals for 13 weeks and beyond. I have poured my heart into this program and know you will love it as much as I do!

 Want to see what My Best Body is all about?

Join 5,000 MBB Athletes and take on the FREE 3-week My Best Body Trial Run!

*10 trial participants used the My Best Body Training Program in conjunction with the My Best Body Macro-Counting Guide before they became available for purchase. Results vary.

**I will be creating a YouTube channel with videos demonstrating each exercise, but this feature will not become available until 2017.