My Best Body – Home Training Program


Whether you train at home, on the road, in an apartment complex fitness center or a full-scale gym, My Best Body – Home will help you build muscle and burn fat using minimal equipment and space. 

With My Best Body – Home, you will:

  • Learn how to lift weights safely at home or in the gym
  • Build muscle and burn fat effectively using minimal equipment
  • Strengthen your core, the foundation for everyday functional movements
  • Improve your cardiovascular conditioning through a progressive (and fun!) cardio schedule
  • Enhance your mobility and flexibility through a weekly focus on stretching and foam rolling

This is the ideal program for both beginner and advanced clients looking for a strength-training program requiring minimal equipment and space.



  • 2 separate PDF downloads – the My Best Body – Home Training Program & BONUS My Best Body – Home Resource Guide


  • 13 weeks of fun, safe and effective workouts that deliver proven results
  • Instructional photos demonstrating each exercise
  • Detailed warm-up information about how to create your own warm-up for each phase
  • Helpful overviews of each phase (Stabilization & Base Training, Strength Training and Power Training) to help you make the most out of each workout
  • Weekly #mybrandofbeautiful pep talks from Abbie with journaling/social media prompts to get you thinking about your journey and help set you up for success
  • Tips and tricks to maximize the benefit of your training and encourage success with the program and beyond
  • Weekly workout calendars to help you map out your training schedule
  • Beginner and Advanced options for many exercises and workouts to help you train according to your fitness level



  • A Full-Body Rehabilitation Sequence to use on your rest days and throughout the week as you wish as well as an overview on the importance of flexibility and mobility
  • MBB Athlete Record Card to track your assessments and challenges throughout the program
  • A chapter dedicated to form (and regressions) for common exercises like push-ups, squats, hip hinges (e.g. straight leg deadlifts, good mornings, kettlebell swings, etc.), bracing/hollow body and overhead pressing
  • A chapter on heart rate and heart rate monitors, as well as what to expect when using a heart rate monitor with My Best Body – Home 
  • A term glossary to help you understand common exercise terminology 
  • Exercise library providing step-by-step text instructions for each exercise in the program 



You will need a small amount of equipment to complete My Best Body – Home. In many cases, the weight options are interchangeable (e.g. You can do a skullcrusher with a barbell or dumbbells). 

When an exercise is described as “weighted,” feel free to choose whichever option you’d like. If a word in an exercise name is in parentheses, like “(banded),” it is optional. 

  • Dumbbells*: I recommend having a few sets to choose from, because the weight you lift varies from exercise to exercise.
  • Exercise mat
  • Exercise/stability ball: You should be able to sit on the ball with feet flat on the floor and knees comfortably making 90-degree angles. I am 5’6 and use a 55 cm ball.
  • Mini resistance bands: At least two – one with light resistance and one with heavy resistance.
  • Sturdy box, workout bench or jump box
  • Barbell*: I highly recommend investing in an adjustable barbell with plates to get the full strength-training experience. In many cases, you can substitute dumbbells for a barbell, but there are some instances in which a barbell will be preferable. 
  • Kettlebell*
  • Jump rope
  • Interval timer: I use the free GymBoss interval timer app. 

*”Weighted” alternative



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