My Best Body Training Program (Gym)

There is no such thing as “the perfect body.”

But there is such a thing as your BEST body. 

It’s a body that is strong and healthy – it is the one that makes you smile when you look at it in the mirror. When you fall in love with your own brand of beauty, all of the “too skinny,” “too muscular,” “too curvy,” “too bony,” “too this or that” – none of that affects you anymore, because you’re seeing yourself entirely through your own eyes. You’re measuring your beauty NOT by the standards of everyone else, but by the progress you’ve made both inside and out. 

It’s designed to challenge your body in new ways – and to put your mind to the test – for a holistic transformation.

My Best Body - Corporate Sneakers



  • 3 weeks: Stabilization & Strength Endurance
  • 5 weeks: Hypertrophy 
  • 5 weeks: Power Training 


  • 13 weeks of #mybestbody workouts designed by me
  • #mybrandofbeautiful: 13 weeks of reflection themes and journal/IG prompts or challenges
  • Training tips and tricks
  • Daily workout trackers
  • Complete photo exercise library with explanations of each exercise
  • Online video exercise library TBD

All wrapped up into a beautiful PDF ebook that you will be able to access via electronic device or print out to use!


Q: What kind of program is My Best Body?

A: My Best Body is not a rapid weight loss program, and it is not a “get abs quick” program. In order to carve a beautiful statue out of clay, there needs to be enough clay there in the first place – so you are going to gain muscle before you reveal it. My Best Body is a holistic strength-training program that walks through three different and challenging types of training – stabilization / muscle endurance, hypertrophy and power training. My Best Body is best suited for healthy individuals 18+. This guide is effective for both women AND men – check out my transformation gallery for results from both!

Q: Do I need to have a gym to do My Best Body?

A: This is a gym-based guide. You will definitely need a gym membership to complete this program. However, if you work out at home or on the road, I have just the program for you, too! Check out the recently released My Best Body – Home 3-Week Free Trial.


Q: Is there a nutrition plan included?

A: I have developed a macro-counting guide to use in conjunction with the My Best Body Training Program. 

The My Best Body Macro-Counting Guide takes the guesswork out of counting macros and provides you with a structured and personalized plan for your unique body in conjunction with each phase of My Best Body. This eBook is NOT a meal plan – it is a guide designed to help you eat to build muscle, maintain your body composition and shed fat. Macro counting is not required to see results.

Q: Can I try out My Best Body before I decide to purchase the full program?

A: Yes! I created the FREE 3-week My Best Body Trial Run for this purpose. Download it here!