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AVAILABLE NOW: My Best Body – Home 3-Week Free Trial!

The time has finally come to share the free 3-week trial for My Best Body – Home!

MBBHome is a variation of my gym-based program, My Best Body, and helps you build muscle and burn fat effectively using minimal equipment and space.

This is a completely new 13-week program that is the perfect solution for those who:

  • Want to strength train at home (or simply with minimal equipment, like in apartment gyms, hotel gyms, etc.)
  • Have never lifted weights before and are looking for an introductory program
  • Are more experienced in weight training and are looking for a new, fun and challenging program

This program is also perfect for regular gym-goers, too! It just gives you the flexibility to do some of the workouts at home, which is always nice.

For a chance to win a free copy of the full program, head on over to my Instagram and enter by Aug. 28!

Details regarding cost, nutrition guidance, etc. are all TBD.

As many of you know, I take a lot of pride in my work! Of course, it would mean faster return on investment for me if I wrote the workouts in a weekend, dropped them in a PDF and started selling right away, but that is not my style. I take the time to do the workouts myself and coach trial clients through the programs well before I sell them. I am a one-woman show, so all of this takes me time, but the payoff translates into QUALITY.

My ultimate goal is pretty simple: To create fun, effective and challenging programs that help people reach their goals and teach them about fitness and nutrition along the way.

I am really, really proud of this home program. This 3-week free trial is my major thank you to you all! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support and encouragement as I’ve made my dream of helping others a reality.

You can download the free trial here.

2 thoughts on “AVAILABLE NOW: My Best Body – Home 3-Week Free Trial!

  1. Hi there,

    Just wondering when the full length home-based program will be available for purchase? Also, I had some issues printing the free trial, but ended up saving it to my iBooks instead. Do you know if the full length program is able to be printed, or is meant to be saved to a device as a PDF only? It could have just been issues with the printer I was dealing with as well.


    1. Hi Jolene!

      I have not yet announced the release date for the full program, but I’m aiming for fall of this year.

      The free trial and full program are formatted for mobile, and are not full 8.5 x 11 sheets. That said, they are definitely able to be printed – they will just print as a more narrow page. I hope this helps!


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