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Get Stronger with Progressive Overload

Our bodies adapt. They can get with the program pretty quickly.

If you always do 3×10 back squats with 95 lbs., you can bet that your body will adapt to that challenge. 

If you always do the same bodyweight exercises at the same tempo and in the same rep range, your body will also pick up on that pretty quickly.

If you always work out 30 minutes a day, 3x a week, and do the same steady state cardio, you can bet your body is going to yawn through those workouts, too.

The obvious ways to progressively overload your muscles and stimulate change are to increase:

  1. the resistance (weight) you use or
  2. the amount of reps you perform.

But what happens when you are stuck in weight limbo (e.g. “10s are too light but 15s are too heavy!”) or simply can’t complete those next five push-ups with good form? 

Good news – there are several other ways to safely overload your muscles, get stronger and bump up to the next level. 



For example, if you aren’t seeing pull-up progress with one session a week, increase the number of times you train back and shoulders to 2-4 more weekly sessions. Our muscles are resilient; they don’t typically need more than 1-3 days of recovery. Increase the number of times you train a lagging muscle group each week.

Now, I don’t mean “go train legs every day.” I know there are lots of people on IG who appear to only do glutes and abs, but don’t be one of those people. A healthy body is well-rounded. And, for example, if you find deadlifting to be difficult, you might find that by training back and core, you are able to deadlift more!


In addition to cranking it up when “Africa” by Toto comes on, increase the amount of sets you do for a lagging muscle group. Struggling to progress with push strength and typically do 3×10 sets of incline push-ups? Try 4-5 sets next time.

You can also decrease the number of reps for a new level of resistance and increase the set count. Can’t seem to press 10 reps of 15 lbs. but have no problem lifting 3×10 at 10 lbs.? Try 4-5 sets of 4-6 reps at 15 lbs. 



How long do you rest between sets or circuits? With our love affair with our phones, we probably rest a lot longer than we realize. Put the phone down and pay attention to how long you’re resting. Cut it 10-15 seconds shorter every few workouts. This is especially effective for HIIT/ circuit training.


This is probably my favorite way to progressively overload, as my clients (and MBBHome / MBB (gym) athletes) are well aware. How fast are you pumping out reps? What happens when you slow a chest press down to a 5-sec. eccentric stretch with a 2-sec pause at the bottom? What happens when you add a 2-3-sec. pause at the bottom of your squat? You can make 10 lbs. feel like 50 lbs. when you slowwwwwww down and increase time under tension. Eccentric training is one of my favorite methods because it really forces you to lift mindfully.


I recommend picking one and focusing on it. See a bunch you want to try? Don’t worry – your body is adaptive, remember. So, chances are, you’ll need to switch it up again soon.

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Five (Easy) Ways to Stay on Track in December

I get it – December can be a wash from a fitness and nutrition perspective, but only if you let it. It’s really, really easy to justify behaviors in December that you wouldn’t any other month of the year. 

Five cookies instead of two? It’s December, no biggie.

Didn’t exercise this week? It’s December, no biggie. 

It’s easy to say, “Screw it. I’ll pick back up in January.”

The average person gains 1-2 lbs. over the holidays. The good news? It’s really, really easy to avoid holiday weight gain.

Here are my top five tried-and-true holiday guidelines to help you stay focused, enjoy the holidays and start 2018 strong:


Christmas and New Year’s Eve are each one day. One! And yet, so many people let two or three weeks go by without exercise or structured diet. Look at all of the days leading up to and following the holidays. Surely you have a free 30 minutes to exercise on “non-holiday” days and surely, you have the opportunity to stick to a clean diet most of the time. 

Do something for me. Dig way back in your memory to when you started your health journey. Remember how hard it was to get going? How much time it took to schedule your workouts, how painful it was to get up an hour early, how difficult it was to eat clean on a regular basis? Don’t go through that again! Schedule out those “non-holiday” days with at least 30 minutes of exercise. Don’t have a gym? No problem! Take a long walk with your family, or do a quick HIIT workout in your bedroom before the rest of the house wakes up. The key to making these “non-holiday” days count is scheduling. Write it down. Stick to it! 


Exercise is more fun with company. You don’t have to sacrifice precious family time slaving away for hours at the gym over the holidays. While you’re planning your “non-holiday” day workouts, get your siblings, parents, friends or partner involved. Having an accountability buddy will help you both stay on track and makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable.


A big part of holiday tradition is food, and most of it is far from “clean.” And you know what? That’s OK! Enjoy your Grandma’s Christmas cookies. Don’t be that person who stands in the corner eating celery. BUT. Focus on portion control. Remember that this won’t be the last time you ever get to eat holiday foods in your life. If you’re like me and can easily eat 15 cookies in a day, set a limit, like two per day. This will force you to slow down and really savor what you’re consuming.  


This is a super straightforward and easy-to-follow nutrition tip that will help you stay on track and also feel fulfilled during the holidays (#score!). If you know you’re going all out for Christmas dinner, make sure the lunch before and breakfast the next day are healthy and balanced. Enjoy and indulge in those special holiday meals, but then, get back to it.  


Once you have your holiday plan in place, write it down: your “non-holiday” day workouts (and partners) and your indulgence guidelines. Next, sprinkle a little extra motivation on top: a reward/consequence system.

For example, if you complete your plan as scheduled, treat yourself to a massage or a new pair of trainers. If you fail to stick to your routine, you have to donate $100 to a cause you don’t support. Have some fun with it!


Do what you can to fuel yourself properly, get enough rest, and move a little bit each day. Doing these good things for yourself will improve your mood and ensure you have the best holiday season yet.

From my home to yours – happy holidays! 

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NOW AVAILABLE: My Best Body – Home Training Program

The day is FINALLY here!!

I am so excited and proud to announce that the My Best Body – Home Training Program is now available for purchase and download worldwide.

Full program details are available on the product page.


  • You can pay with a credit/debit card or a PayPal account. ALL transactions will be redirected to the secure PayPal website regardless of method. Select “Proceed to PayPal” to complete your transaction.
  • You have a max of FIVE download attempts per eBook, so be sure to properly save your downloads! Clicking the link will open the PDF in a browser, but in most cases, you need to manually save the PDF from that point in order to access it whenever you’d like. Requests for new files due to maxed out downloads require a minimum 3-7 business days for me to turn around, so please, please, please save your files! If you aren’t sure how, first check out my helpful “downloading your eBooks” page.
  • Refunds are not available (because once you make the purchase, you have the product).


If you have trouble with your purchase, please send me an email at I am my customer service team (“Hi, hello, thank you for calling Corporate Sneakers” … haha!) so I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can. Please be patient with me!


Download my free 3-week trial!

Most program questions will be answered on my website (pricing, type of program, required equipment, etc.). However, if you have a question that is not answered there, please send me an email!




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Now Available for Pre-Order: My Best Body – Home Training Program

My Best Body – Home Training Program is now available for worldwide pre-order for $89.99 USD! 


  1. Save $10 and secure your copy of the My Best Body – Home Training Program for $89.99 USD
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  1. Visit the product listing in my shop.
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Please note: PayPal securely processes all payments, but you do not have to purchase using a PayPal account! Credit and debit cards work, too. 


I got you covered. Try out a 3-week free trial of My Best Body – Home here. 

With so many options out there these days, I completely understand hesitation, but I can also promise you that I am 100% confident you will find this program effective, challenging AND fun, no matter where you train or where you’re starting from!

I like to take my time with the creation and development of my programs (I started this program back in December 2016!). Why? Because quality and safety are of utmost importance to me. 

My #1 goal is to help you reach your goals, even from the other side of the world. Compared to similar 3-month programs, I believe I provide:

  • An exceptional amount of value.
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